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25 Celcius Beauty Bar

Located in the heart of Danforth, 25 Celcius beauty bar,

Our Vision at the 25 Celcius Beauty Bar is to go beyond the the ordinary to the extraordinary. We strive to create a harmonious environment filled with beauty and love. 

It is our sole purpose to enhance natural beauty, to bring beauty from the inside out, to cultivate an inner awareness of peace, love, joy, and good health. 

We see ourselves providing the best beauty and wellness services with our professional work at all times, with a focus on internal matters, treating each client as our most cherished loved ones.



Special Menu

Birthday party room

Happy birthday to you!

You can bring your own food and drink during our service. 

Enjoy a birthday party with your friends or family.

(Appointment required)

Let’s Celebrate You On Your Birthday With Us!

25 Celcius Beauty Bar

We 25 celcius beauty bar offers a variety of services for your hands, feet, hair waxing, massages, eyelash extensions, or more.  For more information and rates, click the button below 'LEARN MORE'

25 ℃ Beauty Bar


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25 Celcius Beauty Bar

25 Celcius Beauty bar locates 602 Danforth Ave, which is 2 minutes walk from Pape subway station. The contact number is 416-546-3698, please feel free to call us to make an appointment! Click CONTACT button below if you wonder our business hours!

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